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the government takes in and what it spends. that shortfall is called the deficit on wednesday the treasury department said that the government took in $75 billion more than it spent in september. a spur plus: now that's just one month and the deficit has not gone away but it helped narrow the deficit to just $680 billion. hey, don't laugh at that. that's the lowest since 2008, and it's a drop of 38% from the prior fiscal year. deficit spending widened during the recession, we know that. but it has since narrowed because of economic recovery, spending cuts and especially tax hikes because it took affect this year. bank of america said that the u.s. could file a civil lawsuit according to the wall street journal citing a regulatory filing. b. of a. losses could rise above $5 billion. big banks are facing a rash of legal action when the economy went south and the housing crash. >>> jennifer hudson, kathleen sebelius, and how the battle to save or kill obamacare is playing out to hollywood. we have that and more. keep it right here. >> kathleen sebelius faced tough questions over healthcare.g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)